PRIDE AND JOY (Sorry... Being my own drummer!)
(Sorry… Being my own drummer!)

Pride and Joy

What’s your most prized possession?

  • My College Degree
  • Courage
  • Self-Reliance to Plan My Own Way

POSSESS ……… verb (used with object)

  • to have as belonging to one; have as property; own: to possess a house and a car.
  • to have as a faculty, quality, or the like: to possess courage.
  •  (of a spirit, especially an evil one) to occupy, dominate, or control (a person) from within: He thought he was possessed by devils.
  •  (of a feeling, idea, etc.) to dominate or actuate in the manner of such a spirit: He was possessed by envy.
  • to have knowledge of: to possess a language.
  • to keep or maintain (oneself, one’s mind, etc.) in a certain state, as of peace, patience, etc.

After intense deliberation, I have concluded that there are several things that I would consider to be prized possessions (depending on which of the above definitions one would choose).

To possess as a house or a car … … I am very happy to possess a college degree. This degree has given me the freedom to make many of my life choices without the fear that imprisons some of my friends. I love teaching. But when I wanted to take a sabbatical from teaching after experiencing burnout my first five years… I had a degree to fall back on. Choosing to work at Food Lion for two years, was a blessing. Having a degree, paved the avenue for a fast promotion from a bagboy to departmental management and more. It also allowed me the chance to teach at a junior college allowing me to gain the needed respite to encourage me back into the teaching profession.

To possess courage … … I think I get my courage to push myself from both of my parents. My father perseveres through all obstacles to complete the things in life he enjoys. When I was younger, I remember him holding down FIVE DIFFERENT JOBS to allow own family needs to be meet. My mother encouraged me to be self-confident at walking to the beat of my own drummer. But whatever song to which I choose to walk the beat… to be MY VERY BEST. It did not matter what others were… or what others thought.

The one possess that I wish I had pursued would be the mastery of at least one more language. When I was younger, I was good at acquiring language vocabulary. I had five plus years of Latin in junior high and high school. I took Spanish in college. But I actually ‘speak’ no other language. I would love to be conversational fluent in Spanish… in German… in Japanese… in Chinese … and in Arabic.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.”



Creek and Bridge. CC2.0 photo by Jason de Runa.
Creek and Bridge. CC2.0 photo by Jason de Runa.


Graduation night… Fourteen years ago. That was the last time I had been to the neighborhood park.

My undergrad at Michigan. Graduate work at Sterling. Internships at Brooklyn Med. Now, being accepted at the Mayo Clinic as an internal practitioner.

The dreams we had dreamed as kids all started with the nights we spend in the treehouse.

After all those years, I didn’t really expect to see anything but rotted boards, but stranger things have happened.

I saw a light through the underbrush. Lydia was probably already there.

A young lad with her? He looked to be in his teens?

Written from the prompt found at Flash Fridays- Warm-Up Wednesdays. Requirements: This week’s Warm Up Wednesday Challenge: in honor of the publication anniversary of Winnie-the-Pooh (Oct 14, 1926), include a favorite childhood toy/lovey.



“Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.” The guide had been rambling on for the last three hours. I could not believe Mom had coerced us into this tourist trap. But my ears perked when I heard hidden castle.

Robbie looked at me as I looked at him; we both began a gradual sliding away from the crowd.

Arriving aft, we jumped overboard.

The engines to the tour barge were so loud; no one was the wiser.

Within minutes we were paddling along the island.

“There,” Robbie found entry before I did.

It was well hidden, but you could see the surveillance cameras on one of the artificial poles… A great job at camouflage, but we were both masters at Hidden Pictures in the Highlights.

Out of the water and with great stealth circling the trees, we neared the doorway.

I chuckled, “I can pick this with Ma’s credit card.”

I did.

We immediately entered.

Lights activated all over the place. Before us were standing two smiling guards.



By our elbows, we were escorted into a waiting station. Video monitors were along the far wall. Our adventure was being replayed. I guess security was much better than we had assumed.

There must have been a reason for all those No Trespassing postings at the edge of the shore.

Written for Monday’s Finish That Story: Requirements: Create a 100-150 words flash fiction story using the photo prompt and the included first line… “Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.” (LATE! This one was not entered!) (PLUS… It went to the 200 mark. LATE and a RULE BREAKER! Whoops?)



“Now this is the life of Riley.” I said as I looked at our kitten.

“If that is the life you want, it’s yours!”

I wasn’t sure if she was being snippy or serious, but I took the chance.


She pointed to the sofa… “I’ll place your tray by the TV when supper is ready.”

Now, I was even more confused. Sarah had been hard to read while we were dating. Nowadays, impossible.


Supper … true to her word: Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, my favorite beer.

But there was an ominous air in the room?

I fell asleep to Sports Center.


She was there in the morning with my breakfast.

“Is this what you want?” She sat on the edge of the armchair. Her eyes were ablaze???

“Talk to me,” I said. “You know I am not good at this feeling thing.”

“I’m pregnant.”


Both of us were suddenly brimming with tears.

Written for Monday’s Finish That Story: Requirements: Create a 100-150 words flash fiction story using the photo prompt and the included first line… “Now this is the life of Riley.” (LATE! This one was not entered!)

Unabashed Guilt or Just Forgetfulness

Unabashed Guilt or Just Forgetfulness

Things were always moving around on my desk.

Sometimes I found them. Sometimes I didn’t.

There did seem to be a pattern to the nuisances…

It could have been a prank, but when there were due dates involved- it wasn’t very funny.

Seeing a home prank being set-up on America’s Funniest, I decided that I could do the same thing.

At least there would be proof if I were imagining these things, or if I had a ‘secret admirer’ seeking to cause me stress.

Thursday night, I was ready. Lights… Camera… Action.

Soon, I would know!

But then what?

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge (LATE! But I enjoy them, so I try to keep up anyway!)

Requirements: October 7, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a thief or a theft. Consider motives and repercussions. Is the act a matter of perception? Is it a daring maneuver or a desperate bid for survival? Think about different instances of stealing.



We were to meet here at the clock tower in three years.

Young Love… Or so we thought?

We had promised!

Neither of us were ready to give up our dreams.  So, it was either live with possible regrets… or release each other in hopes that…


The clock struck 3pm. That was the promised time.


It was then that I spied you. But you were walking hand in hand with another? He was pushing a twin baby stroller. Not the promise I had expected!

There was another …?

Why would you bring another?

She was a beauty!

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge (LATE! But I enjoy them, so I try to keep up anyway!)

Requirements: October 14, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that reveals or explores a moment of serendipity. How did it come about? What did it lead to? You can express a character’s view of the moment or on serendipity in general. Use the element of surprise or show how it is unexpected or accidentally good.

For those of you who recognize, serendipity has been a prompt before. What can I say, but I like its magic! And it is never the same gift.