The “TRUE” Legend of Nessie


The emergency air horn interrupted the baseball game. We all knew that this game likely would not be completed. That was norm.

Fathers hurried to the docks and lake shores. Another child was missing.

Mothers rounded all the kids into clusters and began the sorting to figure out how to take us home.

No one ever talked about these happenings. But even the six-year-old baseball players knew it was bad.

Our township is 17 kilometers from the major tourist attraction in Scottish Highlands… Nessie, the Loch Ness. If the truth ever got out about the underwater tunnels that keep her safe… our tourist industry would be vanquished.

Nessie brings in millions of pounds for our villagers.

Our village, one of three that surround the small, quaint village of Loch, is the nesting grounds of these mythical water dragons. According to legend, a dragon’s favorite meal- human flesh. Our village has lost seventeen children playing near the lakeshores just this year.

You could imagine the feeding-frenzy of press releases if this truth were ever known.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Requirements: Create from the photo prompt a flash fiction story of no more than 175 words.


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