The Mango Tree (Part I)




A PARKING LOT! Uncle Wilber had willed me a parking lot? Needless to say, I was surprised. What in the world do I need with a parking lot?

I had just completed my fourth year of university when Uncle Wilber passed. I had not seen him since I was seven.  We stayed a weekend on his small ranch. Cattle. Sheep. Pigs. I loved helping him feed them. We had three baby lambs that we had to feed with bottles.

That was a great memory.

But my favorite memory of the visit was the treehouse in Uncle Wilber’s backyard. Being city kids, a treehouse was like discovering unicorns and fairies were real.

That was a great weekend.

Suddenly, I knew what I could do with the parking lot. There were several trees firmly rooted in the middle of the lot.

Thanks’ Uncle Wilber. I now have plans for my first home!

Written for Monday’s Finish That Story: Using the photo prompt and the opening sentence, complete a flash story of 150 words. This one is the opening to the next one! 


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