Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Tell us about a time when you responded to an act of kindness with one of your own.

I love to be a behind the scenes contributor to random acts of kindness. Giving to an unknown person, I do not find fulfilling. Not because of selfishness… but because I love seeing to fruits of ‘gift’. I frequently enjoy the rewards and satisfaction derived from assisting those I encounter.

  • Leaving a tip at the table of another, when I see the table void of tips
  • Paying for a meal of another at a restaurant
  • Assisting in payments for a student short of disposable income to enjoy an event that they might have had to take a pass on attending
  • Angel tree donations for persons that did not make the cut
  • Most of my ‘assistances’ are too personal to print or my anonymity would be exposed… so I had to make a few possibilities up…

Sometimes, it is more difficult than one would think, to attune to the meeting of needs while remaining anonymous. But then, sometimes, the planning for the remaining in the shadows is great fun!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pay It Forward.”


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