It Seemed Only Yesterday

It Seemed Only Yesterday

Using the gardening trowel, I mixed and churned, rejuvenating the soil.

On this alkaline precipice, we had stood- hand in hand- looking over the valley that we had planned to devote our lives. This was where you asked for your final rest. A place to eternally watch over our home.

I traverse the cliffs monthly. Dual-bucketed: one of water and one of dung. As I kneel to grant restoration to the soil, I simultaneously offer my memories and tears.

Blessed from a day of farming endeavors, our two sons and twin daughters are sleeping soundly… Martha is watching them. Martha and I have three others: a red-headed girl and another set of twins- boys.

It was difficult when you left. I had not thought of choosing life without out you. But the ravages of the years forced my hand.

Then Martha found me. With her father having passed on while on the trail, she was alone. The mud dwelling seemed to spring with life with here visits.

It was love at first sight, Martha and your girls: Amy and Amanda.

Marcus and Thomas begged to climb the summit with me today. They still remember.

Finally, after three years, a single pink rose has budded. What a magnificent color reflected against the reddening sunset.

Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers: Create a piece of flash using the photo prompt and approximately 200 words.


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