Back to the Beginning

“The old man was right.” A statement of fact, but it was spoken with reverence.

We stood in awe. The caverns ablaze: tiny pulsating iridescent lights. Lemon. Auburn. Jasmine. Goldenrod. Apricot. Grapefruit. Pumpkin. Each grouping of colors flowing purposefully into the next.

“I loved him, but I thought he was just a drunk.” We all would have freely agreed with her, but Uncle Alfredo had taken Jess in when no one else would. We usually found reasons to look over his multitude of idiosyncrasies.

Uncle Alfredo had died in Jess’s arms mumbling the most incoherent nonsense. “Go to the caverns. Follow them. They will tell you what I would not.”

I had been with her when Alfredo passed. I was always with her. We had been inseparable since seventh grade. Alfredo had laughed uncontrollably when I showed up for supper that very first day.

We had eaten evening meal together every evening since- me at Jessica’s house, or Jess at mine.

I loved her. Not in the way guys usually love a girl to whom they are joined at the hip. We both dated others. But our lives had become symbiotic since her arrival to our valley.

“Now what?” As if in response, one solitary bubble floated into the air and turned a vivid emerald green and seemed to vibrate.

“Did you hear that?” I whispered as I quickly grasped Jess’s hand.

“Welcome.” We clearly heard the vibration. “Follow me.”

Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirement: Create a story using the photo prompt and approximately 200 words. (I went a little over…. I tried Sci-Fi. Not my usual choice.)

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