Golden Age

Golden Age

If you had to live forever as either a child, an adolescent, or an adult, which would you choose — and why?

If I had to live forever as a child, an adolescent, or an adult, I would choose to live my life as a 23 year old. This would place me at the very, very late- the tail end- of adolescent activities… as well as give me all the advantages of being an adult with a full-time job.

I would not like to live forever as a child. As a child, there were often rules… make your bed every morning, clean the vegetables off your plate before the great desserts… and many other rules that I would like to have ignored.

As an older (and wiser) man, there are too many evenings that if I would like to choose to stay up late into the night to watch a sporting event or complete a great night out on the town, I end up paying the penalty of a night without sleep. I awaken grumpy!

As this older, and hopefully wiser, man, I am not very happy awaking in the morning to find my body rebelling because it did not get the required amount of sleep it so greatly needed. This leaves me forcing Mr. Grumpy to silence himself so that I enjoy doing the many things that I like doing each day.

Being forever 23 would be great. I would still be young enough to enjoy the late night activities of being able to watch an overtime basketball game or a football game being played out west, and I would still have the energy to get up for work the next day, earn my own money, and pay my own bills. I could watch the Australian Open live on television and still have the energy and composure to complete the day’s work. I could still compete in the sporting events that I love… but my body had grown too fragile to play.

I have now sadly accepted the fact that I have to trash talk a television game because I have no game of my own.

Probably, at the age of 23 I needed the same hours of sleep as I am presently getting. But then… I was able to still function as a human and not walk as a zombie when I get too little sleep.

In my magical forever 23 kingdom, the years of wisdom would continue to accumulate and serve me well. It is just the body would stay young and constantly energized so that my mind- which has never really slowed down- would have a body that could keep up with itself.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Golden Age.”

2 thoughts on “Golden Age

  1. But at 23 you’d have to keep going to work. I absolutely love retirement and no obligations other than what I have figured out is important. But that is me. Perhaps you love work–as I still do. In retirement, however, you get to do just the parts of work you want to do. Ah. Bliss. Not trying to talk you into changing your answer. Just inflicting my own opinion as well. I enjoyed your post!

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