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Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t gotten around to? What is it and what’s stopping you from mastering the skill?

I have always wanted to speak several foreign languages. I even have purchased the Rosetta Stone Classes for Spanish and German… but I have not taken the time to achieve mastery of either of the languages.

At our local- even though it is famous all along the East Coast- book fair, has foreign language CD’s for self-teaching. I begin to listen to them…. then I lose interest.

I am a person that has to have a hands-on reason to learn something. I need a reason for mastery. If I had a real-life German Pinocchio as a next door neighbor… I bet I would desire to master the language in months! But for this far off dream/ desire… I have other things that constantly invade my time and take over my passions.

I wish I could speak Spanish… I love enjoying soccer. There are Spanish-membered leagues in my area… the soccer is high-level soccer. But I don’t’ go see the games. I would be an outsider.

I have a young man I mentored for a short while that resides in Germany. I would love to be a common part of his life and communicate with ease.

I love the architecture of Japan. Speaking Japanese would be such a plus for a self-guided tour.

I have friends from China…Speaking Chinese would be AWESOME. Visiting the ruins of ancient (and modern) cities would be a much remembered vacation.

Speaking Arabic would be so exciting for touring the Middle East!

Lastly, Speaking and reading and having a deep understanding of Hebrew would be so enlightening to learn about Biblical history. Immersed in language of my ancestors would be both  informative and illuminating.

So …..What is keeping all these things for being fruit in my life? I other passions takeover and I am again left with just fantasizing about being bilingual, a  real multilingual citizen of the world.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”


The “TRUE” Legend of Nessie


The emergency air horn interrupted the baseball game. We all knew that this game likely would not be completed. That was norm.

Fathers hurried to the docks and lake shores. Another child was missing.

Mothers rounded all the kids into clusters and began the sorting to figure out how to take us home.

No one ever talked about these happenings. But even the six-year-old baseball players knew it was bad.

Our township is 17 kilometers from the major tourist attraction in Scottish Highlands… Nessie, the Loch Ness. If the truth ever got out about the underwater tunnels that keep her safe… our tourist industry would be vanquished.

Nessie brings in millions of pounds for our villagers.

Our village, one of three that surround the small, quaint village of Loch, is the nesting grounds of these mythical water dragons. According to legend, a dragon’s favorite meal- human flesh. Our village has lost seventeen children playing near the lakeshores just this year.

You could imagine the feeding-frenzy of press releases if this truth were ever known.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Requirements: Create from the photo prompt a flash fiction story of no more than 175 words.

Life’s a Candy Store

Life’s a Candy Store

You get to be a 6-year-old kid again for one day and one day only — plan your perfect 24 hours. Where do you go, what do you do, and with whom?

Waking up, I get scrambled eggs, two strips of crispy bacon, and strawberry jelly on lightly toasted bread. I can have three glasses of orange juice if I want. (The glasses were almost thimble-sized!) Ice-cold chocolate milk completes the morning breakfast.

Next Pudgy, my three-foot-eight, corduroy teddy bear in children’s farm overhauls, wakens from his morning nap and is ready to play school.

All my stuffed animals are aligned in the hallway on as many movable chairs as our house possesses. Each chair seats at least two animals. Pudgy, of course, has a chair of his own.

We immediately read a story aloud and write a new ending adventure that the main character might have had. (No Math today!)

Playtime for the next three hours- until lunch- would be outside. Swing sets, sandboxes, and adventure hikes with our dog to the woods would be on the agenda next.

Sometime in the morning, a jug of tea would be carried to Dad. He would be working in the fields.

Lunchtime arrives and we get to have a picnic. (Since it is my dream day- only my favorites are served!) We sit down at the table to peanut-butter and banana sandwiches, potato salad, cherry Jello with pineapple slices hidden in it, and German chocolate cake. I can have as many glasses of iced tea as I want! (Mom has to make more tea!) For desert we have banana splits.

After a one-hour nap that snuck up on me while I was reading a book to Pudgy, we go outside again.

The neighbors have come over for a kickball game. There are eleven of us. I get to be full-time pitcher! The boys play against the girls. The boys win by slaughter rule… three games in a row!

Mom calls out for me to take another two jugs of tea to Dad and the workers in the field. Supper will be in an hour.

I stay in the fields with Dad riding on the tractor’s wagon. We finish the upper-field collecting all the bales of hay and stack them in the barn. I get to steer the tractor home for supper.

For supper Mom has prepared her specialty- fried chicken. We have mashed potatoes and gravy. Homemade dressing. Fresh-baked cherry pie. And more great iced tea.

Bath time is quickly approaching… it is probably about 8pm. I quickly get my bath over and pick out the books I am going to read to Pudgy for the night. After my piano practice while my sister and cousin are completing their baths, we all go to bed. (The piano is in my bedroom.)

I throw Pudgy into the bed- bouncing him off the wall … and I leap into bed … Spiderman-like. (A kid can’t let the boogeyman under the bed touch you as your enter dreamlands.) Cutting on my bed lamp, I settle in to read to Pudgy our next great adventure book. (I probably read Pudgy’s favorite book to him first… Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel.) Then we both lay down top find a new escapade… Likely I am in another of my new 20+ set of Hardy Boys books. I probably have snuck a NewBook of Knowledge encyclopedia of the shelf to look through before I go to sleep.

Sometime in the night, Mom comes in and cuts off my bed lamp. I have fallen asleep. She removes the books from the bed and makes sure that Pudgy and I are far enough away from the edge of the bed that the boogeyman can’t reach up and grab us.

I sleep the sleep of the blessed.

***What a great day!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

My Sixth Sense

 2015, Barbara W. Beacham
2015, Barbara W. Beacham


The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood. It was Abner’s pride and joy. It had taken him years of morning walks on the beach to scavenge enough wreckage and debris to complete it.

I asked him once what he was doing.

He just smiled. “My legacy,” he said.

I guess everyone needs a legacy, so I shut up about it and let him scavenge… morning after morning… storm after storm.

Then Abner passed.

When Abracadabra Fireworks Inc. first approached me about renting my vacant building, I was reluctant. A&B had become a town landmark. Abner had his legacy.

But there comes a time we all must pay the piper… Taxes and all. So, I gave in.

AFI moved in during the winter. Crate after crate after crate. As I watched, I became a little apprehensive. Every box was labeled in dark red: Highly Flammable.

Abner had always said that I had a sixth sense about things.

As you can guess. This was one of those times that I should have listened…

Written for Monday’s Finish That Story: Requirements: Using the photo prompt create a 150 word flash story.



WEEK #39

  • Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?
  • If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
  • You are comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time?
  • Rather:  Would you accept $5,000 to shave your head or die it bright lime green and continue your normal activities while not explaining the reason for your haircut or color?

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

I am blessed to have a bathroom with double-decker rolls- one atop the other. The upper one rolls over the tube… The lower one rolls under the tube.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

I actually Googled the Crayola Crayon company to check out the colors in their box of 64. Boy, do I remember the joy of a brand new box of crayons!!!  The best ones for me are the red, the blue, the green, and the yellow. No shades… just straight-up magnificently, splendid color!

You are comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time?

I don’t think that I really remember sitting and just doing nothing. Even when I was little and would relax outside in the freshly mowed lawn… I would make up stories about the clouds in the sky.

On walks… I talk or meditate quietly inwardly. (Depending on who might be on the path with me…)

At home, in the evenings of nothing (Which are few) … I love to read… Netflix… Count chores… Exercise… Talk on the phone… Write….

I guess I have never been a do nothing person. That would be way too boring?

Would you accept $5,000 to shave your head or die it bright lime green and continue your normal activities while not explaining the reason for your haircut or color?

This one is an easy one…. Lime green hair and never tell a soul why…. That would truly be a blast!

Written for Share Your World #39: Requirements: Answer the four questions.

Yin to My Yang

Yin to My Yang

How do you define the term “soulmate,” and do you believe in the existence of such a person — for you?

A soulmate is a person who loves you unconditionally in public, but will kick your butt in private for doing something totally stupid. You do the same for them.

A soulmate has a very, very, short memory of mistakes. They have high expectations, but free-flowing grace.

A soulmate can finish your thoughts and your sentences (before you even think them), but is wise enough to allow you to experience the making of the choices yourself.

A soulmate will call (or come over) and lend a hand in your life just because they suspect there might have been a black, storm cloud in your day.

Soulmates are wonderful to have. I have been blessed with several in my life. I don’t think that there is only one per person per life.

But like everything in life… Even soulmates have their seasons.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

“Best job ever!”

“So you got it?”

“Did I ever!”

“I’m so proud of you, Brady. What are you doing?”

“I get to test drive new cars.”

“Honey, didn’t you go see my father about the assistant’s job?”

“I told you that there were one or two other offers that I wanted to check before we had to accept his help.”

“I know, dear. But Father was expecting you today.

“I was in the cars all day driving.”

“What does that actually mean?”

“This is the job of a lifetime. I get to crash cars. And I am great at it. I had only been on the job for a few hours when the owner of the company radios me to pull over at the next lap. He wanted to speak with me.”

“What did he want?”

“Offered me a live television contract. I have it right here. Wanted me to bring it home for you to look at it. The benefits are great. The health insurance is a little high. But he said that I was to be sure to show you the life insurance policy. Our family will be rolling in the dough when we cash that in.”

Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers: Requirements: Using the photo prompt create a flash fiction story of 200 words.