Woman Reading by ÉDOUARD MANET http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/artwork/14591
Woman Reading by ÉDOUARD MANET

The King’s Confidante

The A-Z Blogging Challenge: 2015

“Have all the records been moved to these quarters?”

“All the known records that we have been able to acquire are here, Sir.”

“But her name is not listed anywhere except beside of my father’s name in The Crier on the day that they were married. Certainly something else would exist.”

“This is all we have, Sir.”

“Are there other places that I can look?”

“Her family was from Questonburough. There are records there of the descendants from her ancestry.

Where would I find them?”

“It is a small town, Sir. Likely they are still kept in The Abbey.”

“If I went, what would I ask to see?”

“The census records would be with the town officials. The cemetery records and marriage certificates might be housed at The Abbey. If there is a local doctor, he might have kept records.”

“You do not approve?”

“You are now King, Your Highness. Does it matter who or where your mother resides? Or even if..”

The scandalous words were cut off.  “Of course it does!”

“If your father had wanted you to know…”

“Watch your tongue, Just because you have had Father’s protection, mine is not ensured. You are right, a public execution would not be condoned, but there are other ways. I am my father’s son.”

“Forgive me, Your Grace.”

“I need to know why my father sent my mother away. He was to tell me. The Northern Campaign took that from me. I must know.”

“Some things are better left as they are, Your Grace.”

“Prepare your bags, Lady Elisabeth. As my father’s closest family confidante, you are traveling with me to Questonburough. I will have the men prepare the litter. Take three of your servants. I will take eight of my elite. We leave at sunrise.”

“Are you sure…”

“I have spoken. Dismissed.”

Written for The A-Z Blogging Challenge: 2015. Requirements: Each day during the month of April a new blog is written based on a consecutive letters of the alphabet. The theme of my challenge is Alternative Aspirations for Picasso.  (A VERY LATE ENTRY!!!)


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