http://www.henrimatisse.org/sorrow-of-the-king.jsp The Sorrows of the King by HENRI MATISSE
http://www.henrimatisse.org/sorrow-of-the-king.jsp The Sorrows of the King by HENRI MATISSE

Rumors of Rebellion

The A-Z Blogging Challenge: 2015

The ride in had been uneventful. Apparently, the rumors of an overthrow being eminent were wrong. Surrounded my by eight most trusted guards, I entered the palace and began to relax… a little.

As King of Cunningham, one always has to be watchful.

I walked directly to my donjon. Queen Llamana was awaiting. Her ladies-in-waiting were assisting her repose and my personal pages were bringing in our night’s refreshment.

With a quick clap of the hands, our servants left. “Your Majesty, you have been greatly missed.” The Queen was whispering in her most sultry of voice. (Our marriage had been arraigned by my father when I was eleven. We were friends, of that I was grateful. But a king needs an heir to solidify his kingdom. A son. I had been blessed with four daughters. Because of them, my kingdom had the potential to be quadrupled. But I still had no heir.)

“Your Majesty, let us take our mead and enjoy the lights of the gods.”

Hand-in-hand we walked out upon the balcony.

“You have been greatly missed.” She tossed back her mead and heaved the leaded stein to the corner.

I, too, downed my honeyed elixir. It had been missed. I allowed no spirits of any kind  on my journeys since a coup had been reported.

“Was your mission successful?”

“The alliances are intact. There are no threats from the border towns.”

“That is good.” She whispered in my ear. “The safety of our daughter’s futures are paramount.” She was pressing nearer.

There was a mist in the air that was not there when I had entered the stronghold. But now, there was a swirling of the airs that I could not explain.  Stepping closer, she had me pressed against the balustrade of the balcony.

“You will be missed, Your Majesty.”

“Long live the Queen,” she thought, as you could hear a scream descending from the royal fortification.

Written for The A-Z Blogging Challenge: 2015. Requirements: Each day during the month of April a new blog is written based on a consecutive letters of the alphabet. The theme of my challenge is Alternative Aspirations for Picasso.  (A VERY LATE ENTRY!!!)

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