Clean Slate

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

The sales spiel that a well-versed realty might give a potential client upon entering this outdoor haven…

What a comfortable outdoor sanctuary. This tan and taupe, 12×12 canopy, with zippered bug enclosure is brilliantly beneficial for afternoon entertaining. The sun is barred from casting its blistering rays upon us, and the gardens’ flying friends are kept-at-bay by the black-mesh walls. A fan, strategically placed under the table, assists in keeping a steady air-flow. I could imagine many an enjoyable afternoon and evening spend out here with a book.

So many plants rest under the canopy surrounding the chairs, as well as on the remainder of the patio deck. Five Boston ferns and three large squirrel’s foot ferns stand as sentinels at the openings of the canopy. An Angel-hair fern is carefully placed on one of the smaller tables, I am sure that is to avoid the direct sunlight. Several spider plants mingle with gorgeous pots of both ruby red and iridescent yellow angel wing begonias. They enjoy both the warm and the shade of the canopy.

One large rocker-reclining chase lounge is positioned near the largest table. Within reach is a small DC-player and a small, square, Rubbermaid storage box. Ella Fitzgerald is singing Someone to Watch Over Me. I bet that the small storage box contains a few more cherished soothing tunes. Two matching foldable, master chairs completed this delightful alfresco.

There are several small patio lanterns placed near the middle of the table. All of them contain un-lit candles. A lighter is laying on the table nest to the chase. What a warm and enchanting ambience a eventide gathering would experience.

From the canopy there are five bird feeders within eyesight: three hopper feeders… a red schoolhouse and two octagonal plastic ones- a yellow and a blue-… each hanging on iron posts under the maples, one large tube feeder on the lower branches of the largest maple, and a double-decker mesh feeder. The latter two are probably for the chickadees and finches. There is also a rustic green birdbath to the right… somewhat hidden by a grouping of Pampas grasses. I bet the binoculars on the table by the chase are used quite frequently.

There is a small water bowl, just under the chase. The owner’s small dog must find pleasure in the paradise, as well. Three watering pots are the right, under the largest table. An automatically-closing trach can is placed within arm’s reach.  It is easy to see careful planning went in to this quaint oasis just off the kitchen doors.

This small retreat has turned out to be a wonderfully relaxing oasis.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clean Slate.”


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