John Grisham: One of the Best

John Grisham: One of the Best

The Brethren

The Summons

Ford Country

The Brethren

Inside Trumble Correctional Institute, three former judges run a mail-extortion scam blackmailing wealthy men who have disclosed a well-kept secret because of answering an advertisement placed in a sleazy magazine. One of their victims happen to be running to become the next President of the United States.

The Summons

A Professor of Law at the University of Virginia, Ray Atlee, is summoned home to see his dying father. He and his brother, a well-heeled drug addict, arrive too late. His father’s death leaves several unanswered questions- the biggest one being… His fine upstanding father has left over three million dollars hidden in the home place. It can only be assumed… it is dirty money.

Ford Country

 Blood Drive

A young construction worker is injured and soon three young, ‘civic-minded’ men drive decide to drive to the big city to try to save his life with their blood donations. The road-trip is problematic because of run-ins with Memphis strip clubs, ill-timed meetings with local law enforcement officials, gun-toting homeowners, and a local gang’s turf war.

Fetching Raymond

Raymond, a lifer soon to be executed, is visited by his two brothers and his mother. He believes he is going to be exonerated for his crimes and has been sponging off of his family for ill-advised counsel and an assortment of life-enriching prison-allowed hobbies since his incarceration.

Fish Files

A local lawyer, imprisoned in a life with no future, suddenly discovers that a group of plaintiffs that he represents (or had represented years before) is getting ready to experience a wind-fall. He decides, if the plays his cards right, this could be his own get-out-of-jail-free card.


Bobby Carl Leach (play-boy, entrepreneur) decides that life needs spicing up. He attaches himself to a local American Indian activist and launches a casino. Along the way, Stella (an unhappy housewife) attaches herself to the playboy. Stella’s husband is left aimless and adrift until he discovers that he is an expert gambler.

Michael’s Room

A local, win-at-any-cost, attorney, Stanley Wade, is kidnaped by one of his courtroom victims.

Quiet Haven

A low-paid orderly, travels the country, seeking employment in local visits nursing homes. He seeks to right the wrongs of these establishments… and makes a little profit as a byproduct of his good deeds. 

Funny Boy

The outcast of a prominent family, moves home to die. He is forced to live on the other-side-of-the -tracks in tenements that the wealthy family owns. He is not made welcome in his home nor in the tenements. An elder black lady is hired to assist him in his last days and they establish a friendship.

The Summons and The Brethren are FIVE STAR reads!

Several of the stories of Ford Country are excellent. I would give it a FOUR STAR rating.



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