Is It Too Late to Be a Chef?


Revisionist History

Go back in time to an event you think could have played out differently for you. Let alternate history have its moment: tell us what could, would or should have happened?

If I could go back in time, is there an event (or a series of events) that could have played out differently?

One ‘event’ that comes immediately to mind is watching Mom in the kitchen doing her thing.

Mom was a great country cook. Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy… Chicken pot-pie…. Apple-dumplings… and her desserts…. WoW! Do I ever miss her home-cooking?

Recipes… They were non-existent.

When I moved into a dorm, and then into my first apartment… I tried to coerce recipes from Mom. I think that she thought I was asking to steal from Fort Knox. “Oh, there’s nothing to it, son. Just a little of this and a little of that. Then I just throw it all together. Why don’t you come over tomorrow night for supper and we’ll have _______________” You fill in the blank.

But as far as releasing the tried–and-true recipe… NO WAY!

For my next on-line class, I am thinking of correcting (actually, there is NO WAY to correct the aforementioned misfortune. Mom as passed on.) my lack of cooking know-how. There is a class that interests me from a local community college. I have taken a few of their on-line classes and they were very helpful. I am not sure about this one. I wish it were a video-supplemented class… but it isn’t. With the class, I come away with 78 new recipes that are supposed to be easy-to-prepare and nutritionallysound.

My problem… Too often nutritionally sound is a catch-phrase for tastes likecardboard.

I think I will try it? Any great advice?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Revisionist History.”

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