The Good Ole Days Are About to Change

DAY 26

WRITING PROMPT:  Write a poem about a particular game or sport.  Or write a story about a game or a sports match where your character is playing against someone who did something terrible to him/her in the past.  Your character is determined to get revenge during the game.

“Ready whenever you are!” Kevin shouted from behind hos ice fort.

He and Eddie had been best friends for years and years. Being next-door-neighbors had sorta forced that to happen, in the beginning. But they had also being in the same classes in school for five straight years… until middle school.

Now, Eddie had new friends… And he was a star on the school’s wrestling team. There was no time for former best friends.

Kevin smiled. The snowstorm had changed things. Away from school for seven days in a row, Eddie had finally called and challenged him to a fort fight. Just like the good ole days… Eddie had said.

“Well, Mr. Wrestler- Superstar,” Kevin smirked as he palmed a frozen snowball filled with pebbles. “The good ole days are about to change.”

Written for Creative Writing Now: Day 26


6 thoughts on “The Good Ole Days Are About to Change

  1. ke said I saidI When I asked my mother “Why should I go to school, This is what she said”Oh kid, you have to learn, so that when you come of age, you wil earn, And let us our butter


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