Familial Feasts



Familial Feasts

Many countries celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?

Creating a holiday for a distant relative… this one had me stumped for a minute?

Then, I realized that essence of ‘family’ had a more complex nuance to it, than upon my initial reflection.

I would create a day to honor the multitude of pets that have blessed me in the last half century. These were the pets I had before college. 


The first pet I remember…. As a three and four year old, our first German Shepherd allowed me to ride on his back. I suspect it was more of a straddle-wiggle, but I don’t really recall. But there are pictures!

This same Shepherd offered protection on several occasions when strangers came to the farm. I have no idea what he might have done, had he caught the two cars he was chasing, but then neither did the intruders?


In fourth or fifth grade, we purchased a black and white Border Collie pup. He immediately became my roommate… much to the grins of my mother and the chagrins to my father.  Prince would motocross the fields with me. We would enjoy long hikes picking up trash along the road. Prince saved my life one cycling day when I was cornered in the field by our enormous, cantankerous, (and up-in-years) Charolais breeding bull. (We had steak from Moses just a few weeks later.)


Pixie was a radiant, green-feathered friend that I convinced my parents to allow me to have in about seventh grade. He was a Budgerigar Parrot. My dad agreed, believing that the bird would live about three months and that would be that. Pixie lived to see me graduate from college (NINE YEARS plus!). He became so tame that we could leave his cage open for morning flights around the house at breakfast. Pixie would drink coffee for my dad’s spoon and eat crumbs from his breakfast plate. Pixie, within two months, became my dad’s pet… that I had to care and maintain.


When I was in ninth grade, I purchased a beagle. For the next four years, we ran the fields together. Once I went to college- we visited on weekends. On weekend breaks, Lady and I- and usually three or four college friends- would enjoy camping back in the back of our farm at a small pond. We would play horseshoes or croquet most of the evening… and then stay up most of the night playing cards. Lady kept the bears away from the pond during the night.

We had a passel of cats…. but cats seem to own people more than people own the cat?

These are the pets that I would memorialize if I had the say so for the next holiday celebration.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Familial Feasts.”


2 thoughts on “Familial Feasts

  1. Yours is the second post that I read today which is dedicated to our non-human friends. I loved the one about Pixie. I have always wanted to have a parrot, but that never happened. I loved Pixie’s sipping coffee and living long enough to see you graduate. That is so special!

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