Make Mine Sunny-Side Up

Traffic was tied-up for miles. The radio said semis jack-knifed. Collected a mess of others. At least another two hour wait.

We shouldn’ta taken the beltway, but hindsight never helped in the end.

The kids were content with the AC in the back watching DVDs. Lion King, I think.

Alice was the irritable one. Harping and harping.

I was hungry. It’s not like traffic was going anywhere for a while. Dad had joked that you could grill eggs on pavement.

“Man, it was a hot one.” I thought as I opened our camping cooler and picked up two eggs.

Written for The Carrot Ranch Challenge. Requirements: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes the phrase, “Man, it’s a hot one.” You can choose a gender neutral replacement for the slang, “man” or any other general address. The phrase can lead, end or show up in the middle of the story. If the prompt leads you to a creative idea to alter the phrase, do it! And stay cool this week!


9 thoughts on “Make Mine Sunny-Side Up

  1. Worth a try! Being stuck in a traffic queue on a boiling hot day is not great, especially with the whole family in the car – I hope the fried eggs work out. Thank you technology for in-car entertainment systems and AC!

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  2. It is good that the kids are occupied with entertainment but being angry and hungry is bad when stuck up in the traffic. Thanks heaven for the eggs.

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