No Ducklings Were Harmed

DAY 21

WRITING EXERCISE: “trick “and “audition”

Pulling this one off, will be the trick of a lifetime. I had been practicing this one last trick since my selection at the local auditions. I knew that at each new level- I had to up-the-ante … the wow factor… for each performance.

Now, sitting at the finals, I was as jittery as a cornered mouse in a kennel of kittens.

The audience’s fascination for my showmanship had to continue to mushroom; there were too many other great performers.

Round One: Encircling myself with 25 spinning plates. It had enough pizzazz to get me by.

Round Two: An innovative twist to the saw-in-half shtick. I had intermingled my two gorgeous assistants’ arms and legs, as well as their heads. The crowd was captivated. I received my first standing ovation.

Round Three: With the permission of the network, I caused the judges to disappear. It was great. The crowd chanted NOT to bring back Simeon.

The Finals: It was all arranged. It was a risk. PETA was already up-in-arms because someone had leaked the premise of the illusion. Apparently, fuzzy ducklings and a chainsaw was going to create an imminent risk factor to my furthering of my career.

Personally, I had no complaints. The commercial advertisement of my ‘ducky’ trick was tripling the estimated viewership from our previous episode… and we were already Number 1 in our time slot.

Famous or Infamous… my future was a lock!

No one believed the No Ducklings Were Harmed during this Presentation poster. I suspect that the roar of the chainsaw in the background was a bit unnerving?

Written for Creative Writing Now: Lesson 21.


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