Freddy’s Gizmo

DAY 23

Pick an animal or an object that you could write about. 

 WRITING EXERCISE: If you want, you can use one of these topics: shadows, the rain, dancing, a tree.

Gizmo was constantly a fixture of the shadow world. In the early morning, she would be behind the strawberry plants surveying the play of grasshoppers. The afternoon found her under the fronds of the ostrich fern, stalking the cardinals and blue jays as they flittered and fought for water rights at the bird bath.  The evening found Gizmo sprawled in front of the patio doors awaiting recognition from Freddy, my five-year-old.  Freddy was always good for an evening treat from our supper surpluses.

Gizmo was a self-made cat. Except for Freddy, Gizmo’s disregard for the world was absolute. There was one exception. Upon hearing heavy winds…. Just the beginning whispers of drizzle or a storm… Gizmo was at the patio door requesting a personal savior. I felt guilty, the number of times that I made Gizmo beg. He would begin by casually prancing and placing his paws at the window. After seeing me walk passed the window, but not acknowledge him, Gizmo would begin his song. Soon the neighborhood was aware that there was the full potential of a storm; Gizmo was howling would entice the entire dog population into a frenzy.

Once the door was open, Gizmo would dash though and find his way to Freddy’s bedroom. There Gizmo would remain, the entire evening- with Freddy or without- safely nuzzled between an enormous, corduroy teddy bear and an emerald, velveteen tree frog.  Safe from the trials of the world. Gizmo would rumble and purr the night away… Until Freddy released him into the wild, after breakfast, the next morning.

Written for Creative Writing Now: Day 23. 

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