Doceo Pax of Arlington

DAY 22

WRITING EXERCISE: Start with two seemingly very different character ideas.  For example, you could choose a kindergarten teacher and a professional assassin.

Make a character profile for each of them.  You can use the character questionnaires in the Ideas and Resources section to make your profiles. When the profiles are finished, mix and match between them.  Give your kindergarten teacher some aspects of the assassin, and vice-versa. This is a fun away to come up with surprising character and story ideas.

Doceo Pax of Arlington

Dear Aunt Georgia,

I just wanted to drop a quick line. Corresponding with our sponsors for the school is a requirement, as you know, so this letter will be censored if I don’t do it right.

Ms. May is wonderful.  She is so much cooler than my old second grade teacher. She knows how to balance just the right about of book learnin’ with the perfect about of play. Of course, always having to have a four-day bag packed for each class- just in case- causes us to love her more.

One day, we became really excited with this lonely cricket chirping in our classroom. Outa-the-blue, she said,” Grab your bags… Time for a trip.” We spend four days at Myerscough College in England studying cricket. We were shocked to find out cricket was a sport! We were on the pitch for mastering our cricket skills at morning sports and evening sports. We spend the afternoon with professors from The Abbey at Manchester for in-depth studies of insects in a great biology laboratory.

Last week, during our afternoon aerobic training, our class reacted to a backfire from a bus’s exhaust. Instantly, a new lesson when we returned to class.  We were told to bring our safety night bags for classes tomorrow… and to notify our parents that we would be off-the-grid for approximately the next five days. How awesome is that!  We found ourselves in Tactical Weapons Training at an undisclosed location. Do you know how much damage a …. Forgot, I can’t tell you about that.

I miss it when Ms. May has to take her own personal sabbaticals. She leaves us for usually two weeks a month- For classes we have computer-simulated tutorials, and our required reading, composition, and mathematics classes. Naturally, when Ms. May is away, we get a new instructor for our athletics program. This last sabbatical, or instructor gave us a three week tutorial in jujitsu and covert surveillance.

Doceo Pax of Arlington is an awesome school. Of course, I can’t tell any of my friends at home about it.

Tell Mom and Dad, I hope to be home at Christmas…. But you know how it is here?

Love, James

Written for Creative Writing Now: Lesson 22.


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