I See You Peeping


DAY 19

WRITING PROMPT: Write a poem about your neighbor, or about someone you see frequently but have never talked to.  Imagine something about this person’s life.  Or write a story about a character who is fed up with the noisy neighbor in the apartment next door.  S/he comes up with a plan that s/he hopes will make the neighbor desperate to move away…


 I see you peeping

Through drawn shades… I see your nose

Don’t pretend you don’t

Closing of my door

Sends retro-active alarms

And you come running

Why we never speak

Seems a great mystery to me

I wave when I can

Heard Rascal ran away

Pouring rain, yet circled park

Found him hiding there

Braving elements

I knocked once upon your door

There was no answer

I saw you peeping

As I walked away troubled

But left Rascal tied to the knob.

Written for Creative Writing Now: Prompt 19.


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