DAY 20

WRITING PROMPT: Write a story or a poem in the form of text messages sent between two people’s phones.  (Ideas: one of the people is breaking off a wedding engagement with the other, or one of the people is telling the other that she’s pregnant.)


Eugene is standing on scaffolding hanging charcoal grey vinyl siding at work.

ZUP                                                       (What’s Up?)

WRU@                                                  (Where are you at?)

GAS                                                       (Got a second?)

TTLY                                                      (Totally)

WAUAH                                                 (When will you be home)

TBD                                                       (To be determined)

WAN2TLK                                              (Want to talk)

BN                                                          (Bad news)

*S*                                                          (Smile)

ZUP                                                        (What’s Up)

WAN2TLK                                              (Want to talk)

UOK                                                       (Are) You ok?)

WAN2TLK                                              (Want to talk)

WRT                                                       (With regard to)

WAN2TLK                                              (Want to talk)

2MOR                                                     (Tomorrow)

2NTE                                                      (Tonight)

WRT                                                       (With regard to)

143                                                         (I love you)

1432                                                       (I love you too)

2NTE                                                      (Tonight)

R8                                                          (Around Eight o’clock)

OK                                                          (Okay)

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Not knowing what to expect, I drive home immediately following work, stick a Chef Boyardee Spaghettios in the microwave, take a quick shower, wolf down a bite, and head toward Sharon’s.

Sharon is not usually so evasive. Something has to be wrong.

Just as I am getting ready to knock on the door, Sharon’s opens the door, turns and enters the living room. She says nothing. This is really starting to creep me out.

We sit on the sofa. I reach over to touch her and she turns away.

My phone vibrates.

I ignore it.

I reach to touch her shoulder. Sharon turns and looks at me. She is holding her phone.

My phone continues to vibrate. I grab it out of my pocket.

It’s Sharon.

Looking at her, she shakes her phone at me.

I turn the phone to face me to answer.


I look at her.

Vibration. 143

I reply. 1432


UR scaring me!!!



I’m pregnant

I drop the phone.

Written for Creative Writing Now: Prompt 20. 

This was the hardest of all the assignments so far!


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