Toot, the Tiny Tugboat Touts Terra Tairjima

DAY 17

EXERCISE:  Come up with a story prompt based on an idea from a TV guide.  For example, you can use (put your mouse over the name of a TV show to see the description).

 NOTE: Toot, the Tiny Tugboat, is a children’s show on BBC.

Toot, the Tiny Tugboat Touts Terra Tairjima

Toot, the Tiny Tugboat was finally on his way home from his tiring Trans-Pacific visit to Tairajima, one of the smaller islands of Japan. Most boys and girls do not realize the Toot is not just a ‘fictional character on a children’s TV series. Toot is a functioning, and for-profit, eco-luxury tug that ferries betwixt and between the British Isles. He is a ride that many local residents and most visiting tourists love to babble about as the complete their European itineraries.

The citizens of Tairajima had requested Toot to assist the tiny island with providing the additional ferry services to accommodate the numerous visitors that were expected to attend the opening of its new wing of the resort, Terra Tairjima.

Terra Tairajima was built to be recognized as one of the newest Seven Star hotels in the world. It won the Seven-Star rating in 2014 and has be awarded this outstanding luxury accommodation achievement every year since. The entire resort was clustered around one of the largest of the hot springs that inundated the island. This particular set of springs had become renown because of the microscopic bacterium present in the waters. These bacterium- known only to this isolated spring- seems to heal all types of autoimmune disorders.

Written for Creative Writing Now Class. Lesson 17.

This assignment was an attempt solely for the Creative Writer’s Class. I have thought enough about it, and I do not think that this storyline has much hope at becoming a success piece… but I do enjoy the setting that I created for the Toot story.

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