El Dorado: Another John Wayne Classic


El Dorado

Another John Wayne Classic

Cole Thornton (John Wayne) meets Sheriff J.P. Harra (Robert Mitchum). They are dear old friend, but the sheriff has a rifle pointed at Cole’s belly. (I am glad most of my friends are not of this caliber!)

Cole Thornton has been offered a job to help stop (fight in) a range war. The Sherriff tells Cole the true story behind the scenes of this situation. Cole makes other plans. On the trail to give notice that he is not wanting to get involved in this war, Cole is ambushed and shot.

Mississippi (James Cain) is the actor that steals the show in this one! (He is a gunslinger without a gun!)

If you enjoy John Wayne… This one is a good one.

It gets a FIVE STAR rating!


Written for Entertainment.


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