Come Sit in the Stars

DAY 18

EXERCISE: Come up with writing prompts based on the following pairs of words from this lesson:

– “shy” and “astrology”

– “trick” and “audition”

Come Sit in the Stars

Adeline was always dressed in brilliantly, flamboyant colors. They suited her personality as well as her profession. Adeline was an intensely-passionate, influentially-popular astrologist. Her nationally syndicated show, Come Sit in the Stars, had just be renewed for its eleventh year. Her private consultations were now netting more profit than the televised series. Come Sit in the Stars had just signed on a new syndication contract with fourteen other foreign television stations to broadcast only the reruns. Her last seven seasons in DVD had sold more than many hit movies.

One would think that the universe was at Adeline’s feet. Well, it was…. But her personal world was- and always had been- in shambles. Her charisma and charm on camera belied her private personality.  Adeline had been a gifted ‘fortune-teller’ from the age of five. She had that sixth sense people talked about. But, as a child, when events that had not yet occurred would slip out of her mouth, and then happen, Adeline became ostracized from her peers and eventually from all close relationships. People seemed to blame her for what she saw. Adeline became excessively shy, a total introvert: a shadow of who she truly was.

Adenine had no secret power to influence the future- she only saw the impending occurrences. She could not stop them.


“Good Afternoon, Madam.” It was a young man, possibly in his twenties. I saw him as he was entering our office through the security cameras. We have the entire facilities wired for safety concerns. His coal black hair hangs over hand opened collar. He is rather handsome- if you like the strong, cowboy type.

“Welcome, fellow traveler.” Rhoda, my long-time receptionist, would say those words to each and every client as they walked through the doors. “Here is a questionnaire that we like all of our first time visitors complete. Answer each question the best that you can. Often, these questions will allow the great and powerful, wonderfully-awesome Adeline to assist you on your life’s journey.”

No matter how many times I have asked Rhonda NOT to say those lines… she says them anyway.

Usually each client will just smile. Many people feel a touch uncomfortable coming in to see an astrologist the first time. Sometimes a little self- denigration can relax a situation. The only problem is that Rhoda believes those words.

“Thanks, but I think I will just wait to see the Amazing Adeline.” There was an unmistakable twinkle in his eye. This one could be trouble.

He sat in the corner seat. “There is a purposed poise that seems to possess this new client,” I thought as I pushed back my Lorica-leather, ergonomic chair and stepped from behind my glass-topped writing table.

Walking over to the door, I open it and boldly announce, “Next”. Knowing full-well that he was only one visitor in my receptionist’s area. 

“Have a seat.” I motion to the twin pseudo- leather chairs that formed my counseling area. I do not do the psychologist’s sofa bed.

“I am Ady. How might I be of assistance to you, today?”

“I remember you.”

I was ready for anything but that.

“I remember you from grade school.”

Now, I was really mystified.

“I sat behind you in Ms. McAlister’s class at Cotton Springs Elementary.”

That was where I went to school. I suspect that could have been is some article that had been written about me?

“You have no idea who I am. Do you?”

“I do much better at reading people’s futures than their past”

“You always were quick with the smart answers. That’s why seventh grade was so terrible.

Now, that…. That had not been in any biographical; expose’.

You started crying one day in class when Beatrice was telling about her five kittens being born. Everybody thought that you were just a jealous little snot. We all knew that your father did not allow pets. But then you burst out and said, ‘They are all going to be dead in the morning!’ After that, you ran out of the room.

I remembered that very day.

“The next day, Beatrice came to school crying. All her kittens had died. She accused you of putting a curse on them. Nothing was ever the same in that class… Even after you moved away.”

That had happened, too.

I tried to remain straight faced and professional. “So, what may I help you with, today?” I asked again.

“You really aren’t that good at knowing the future. Are you?”

“I try to very careful, before I offer assistance.” I restated.

“Don’t you know that I have been in love with you since Cotton Springs?”

Then I remembered.  “Are you Matthew?”

Written for Creative Writing Now. Lesson 18.

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