The Sons of Katie Elder: Starring John Wayne

The Sons of Katie Elder

Starring John Wayne

John Elder (John Wayne) returns to Clearwater, Texas, to attend the funeral of his mother. His other three brothers are also there. John arrives unannounced. John is a well-known gunfighter in the territory.

The boys find that their mother has been living on poverty for many years after the swindling of the farm from the family and the murder of their father. The boys decide to right the wrongs that were done to their mother… as well as become the men that Katie would have wanted them to become.

Tom Elder (Dean Martin) is the most happy-go-lucky of the bunch. He allows few laws to get in his way of life- although he does not see himself as a criminal.

Bud Elder, the youngest, (Michael Anderson, Jr.) is the chosen one of the family. Katie has allowed a life of deception to try to keep Bud in line with becoming a man of good-standing in the community. He is the most high-strung and excitable of the group. Bud reacts to things without giving any thought to matters. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

This movie was one of my parents’ favorites! It a favorite western of mine as well!

The Sons of Katie Elder gets a FIVE–STAR rating.

Written for Entertainment.


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