Nowhere’s, Ma

“Where have you been, Kyle?”

“Nowhere, Ma.”

“Tell be the truth. You know I don’t abide no stories.”

“Ma, I weren’t doing nothing wrong.”

“Didn’t say it was wrong. Askt where?”

“Nowhere, really, Ma.”

“Nowhere’s gotta lotta dirt. Look at your shoes… my floors… and the knees to your Sunday pants. Go out back and get cleaned fore you come back in. “

“Don’t you come nosing around here for love, Aggy-Belle. Tarnation. Get on withca. If you wouldn’ta hid those blasted kittens under the shed, you and I would both be eating Granny’s blueberry muffins with cream right now.”

Written for The Carrot Ranch Challenge: Requirements: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about dirt. You can go with the idea of digging into the dirt as an analogy, or you can be realistic. Maybe a character has “the dirt” on someone or another has “dirty laundry” to hide. Dirt can be rich soil or barren. Get dirty, but not shockingly dirty!


5 thoughts on “Nowhere’s, Ma

  1. Great use of regional dialect and dialog. So much emerges from this nowhere conversation — the values of the characters, what the day is like and hints of the event that led to getting dirty. Great flash!

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