Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people.)

“We agreed on the plan yesterday, Thomas. You signed off on it, personally. What do you mean it might not work?

“There are other considerations.”

“What has changed since yesterday?” Harrison was always the quiet one of the group. Sensing an impasse that could be detrimental to the task at hand, he spoke. “The guards’ schedules have been taken into account. The tools are stashed. The driver of the get-away is already check-in at the Harriot Hotel and has arranged for four solid alibis. What is it that you know that has changed things?” When Harrison spoke… he was detailed and deliberate.

Thomas held his head. “It’s Margaret. She wants me to go straight. No more scams. No more heists. Her father has offered me a job at the firm. I owe her.”

“You owe me!” I was infuriated. I did the time for our last heist. I did not snitch on any of you. That’s why you still have a chance with Margaret’s father’s firm.”

“The plans have be made, Thomas.” Once again, Harrison speaks… But only states the obvious.

“I’m sorry,” was all he said. Thomas turned and walked away.

“No problem.” Harrison pulled a 9mm with a suppressor from his carry-on at his feet. It was done. “He won’t be found for weeks in these drains.”

“We said absolutely no weapons in the heist, Harrison.”

“I completely agree,” He responded as the placed it back in his carry-on and zipped the bag.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Groupthink.”

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