Internal Instincts

DAY 16  

WRITING PROMPT: In Kafka’s novella, “The Metamorphosis”, a man wakes up to find himself transformed into a giant insect.  Write a poem about a transformation.  Or write a story about a character who changes his/her name, moves to a town where s/he doesn’t know anyone, with the plan of starting a new life as a different person (you can decide why your character wants to do this).

“Brad, Honest to God. It’s me. Isa Beth.”

“Sweet heart, have you lost weight. What’s your secret?”

“This is not funny. There was a radiation leak in our plasma transference pods. How are we going to change this?”

“Is that why there is a naked, incredibly-hot girl over there, who slightly resembles you, trying to climb the wall to get at the fig tree leaves?”

“Once again, Brad, Not funny.”

“Well, do you have any super powers?”

“Superpowers. Have you lost your mind? Help me. There’s no way I want to stay like this the rest of my life!”

“Stick Woman strikes again!” Brad laughs.

“You do realize we’re engaged. We stick bugs have some internal instincts that are extremely hard to overcome.”

Brad stopped laughing.

Written for Creative Writing Now. 


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