A hush spread over the posh dining establishment as Aston dropped to one knee and opened the small velvet-covered box. All eyes had been on the couple the entire evening from their entering the lounge to each trip that a waiter brought each course to the table.

Elizabeth was usually beautiful, but tonight Aston found her breath-takingly gorgeous- and so did every other breathing being in the restaurant. Her rich, ruby gown showed just enough flesh to be maddening. Her snow-white pearls, falling gracefully from her neck, competed- but lost- to the sparkle of her smile. Aston felt light-headed as he opened his mouth to begin to speak.

Desperate to get the words out, he had been practicing them all evening, Aston begin. “Elizabeth…”

Lunging from her chair and nearly collapsing upon Aston in the middle of the aisle, Elizabeth whispered in his ear, “Yes… Yes… Forever, Yes.”

The “Forever, yes” could be heard across the dining floor, for the world had stopped to watch this couple so obviously in love.

There was smattering of giggles from the ladies in attendance, and then suddenly the floor erupted into a standing ovations that filled the evening airs.

Aston and Elizabeth noticed none of it.

Written for Three Word Wednesdays: Week 424: Requirements: Using the three words provided, create a story.


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