Tension filled the room, as the door’s buzzer sounded off four times in succession and then two. We knew who was at the door. Each assignment has its own entry code.

O037, a man of surprisingly small stature, yet if you read his private dossier, nothing small could be said about the feats he had been able to accomplish.

There was a hunger in Agent 0037’s eyes as I handed him the flimsy folder containing his next assignment.

It was marked TERMINATION. He was the chosen agent for most of the missions that had an irrevocable conclusion.

After giving him a moment to read the excerpts provided, I asked, “Is there anything else that you need, sir?”

He smiled. The hunger moved from his eyes to his smile. “You got any coffee?” He grinned a grin that sent chills down my spine.

“Right away, sir.” And I quickly exited the room. I swear that I could hear him chuckle.

Written for Three Word Wednesdays: Number 422: Requirements: Create a story. Include the three words given.

Flimsy, adjective: comparatively light and insubstantial; easily damaged; (of clothing) light and thin; (of a pretext or account) weak and unconvincing.

Hungry, adjective: feeling or displaying the need for food; causing hunger; having a strong desire or craving.

Tense, adjective: (especially of a muscle or someone’s body) stretched tight or rigid; (of a person) unable to relax because of nervousness, anxiety, or stimulation; (of a situation, event, etc.) causing or showing anxiety and nervousness; verb: become tense, typically through anxiety or nervousness; [with object] make (a muscle or one’s body) tight or rigid.



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