I am presently going through a John Wayne video marathon. Thought that I would share some of his best.

I have loved Hatari since I was a kid. As I became older, there were more reasons to enjoy the film, but at six or seven, I loved the African animals. I loved the chase scenes. (Especially the jeeps with the rider’s seat on the hood of the truck!) I had previously no idea how the animals ever got to a zoo, so I was in information overload to see the actual capture of the great beasts.

Later, Pockets became one of my heroes. I loved his quirkiness- yet he still got the girl. The fact that he could admit his fears, and face them anyway, I found compelling in such a little man (He was very small in stature.)

It is a great film to take you back to the yesteryears of life. The scenery is breathtaking and the characters are each amusing and unforgettable.

If you have not seen Hatari, by all means- give it a watch! It’s a great way to kill an afternoon when you find yourself stuck inside because of the rains.

This one gets a FIVE STAR rating- if only for the animals and the chase-capture scenes.

Written for Entertainment.


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