All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

The title of my blog is It’s All in Finding the Right Words.

As I was getting ready to set up my blog, I made a list of several possible titles. Most of the titles were on the funny side, way too corny, or pun-filled (which I suspected would no longer be pun-filled and amusing after looking at it for several weeks).

The rationale behind the title It’s All in Finding the Right Words, the one that made the final cut, actually has to be answered in three different ways:

I decided to pick a phrase-like topic. I am always trying to get my students to improve their mastery of word choice as they re-read and proof their writing assignments: Did you pick the best word to say what you meant to say? Is there a better word? That was the teacher side of me.

The student side of me appreciated the topic of the title line as well. I enjoy learning and trying to master new vocabulary. I enjoy ‘creating’ new ways to use a nominal vocabulary word so that it has a more precise meaning. The title choice fit me on that level also.

Lastly, I was actually thinking of the precise meaning of one word in particular as I was creating my blog: retirement. What will that concept look like for me when it happens? How will I know when I am ready for this new word to be the word that I am arranging my life around? What will this word include? Or more importantly, what will this word exclude? How will life for me different?

So there you have a philosophical reasoning behind the choosing of the title of my blog- It’s All in Finding the Right Words.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”

4 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT ME

    1. WHat do you mean… A person has to stop and reflect on life for as long as they are useful to society- and themselves. I might have been more accidental… but I think that its got a great depth of thought in a short, concise way.

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