ME: 2060

DAY 11


Send yourself the ideas as a letter or an e-mail, gifts from your muse to your future self.  You can use to schedule an e-mail to be sent in the future.

To: Roger: 2060

I hope this finds you well.

I suppose you are still trying your hand at keepin’ up the lawn and the garden. The irises and day lilies that you planted are lookin’ good by now. Suppose you have had to thin then a few times.

The roses- Are there now four varieties of ever-blooming? – Bet they look great up against the house.

Nights out with the stars probably see you with a few more blankets than you used to take.

Double-digit best sellers seem to not have changed your life much. Still spending as much time reading as you do writing- from what the local librarian seems to notice.

I see you are still taking on-line courses to improve your writing skills. Have you ever stopped being the eternal student?

I’ve read your last several novels. I truly enjoy the series books more than your stand-alone books. I hear that all three of your stand-alones will soon be turned into series as well.

Couldn’t believe it when you got the movie deal. Didn’t think you’d sign-off on someone altering your characters. (Actually, they did a good job at keeping the original plot and characters. You must have had a great deal of influence there.)

Hope your last three decades have been as enjoyable with writing as you had enjoyed the teaching decades.

Until later (maybe in another ten),

Your most ardent critic

Written for Creative Writing Now: Be a Writer Now class.


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