The Fantastic Four: A Film Review

3-reasons-why-a-fantastic-four-reboot-is-exactly-what-we-need-366979The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fun Summer Flicks to Break the Monotony of the Heat

Even though these films received marginally negative reviews from the box-office officials, it was the wording of what they said that I found so amusing.

There are four superheroes who obtained their special powers by way of a cosmic storm:

  • Mr. Fantastic (He can stretch his body into multi-longitudinal lengths.)
  • Susan Storm (She is the Invisible Woman.)
  • Johnny Storm (He is The Human Torch!)
  • Ben Grimm (He is The Thing.)

The powers that be from the movie industry were unimpressed because they thought that the films, lacked depth and were made for children.

Duh!!! It’s a cartoon come to life.

What did you expect!

That kind of criticism is like throwing rotten tomatoes at Disney for appealing to children!

Granted, these films will not change your philosophical take on mankind or make you a better person. They are fluff films meant to entertain you for the moment with quirky characters and childish jibs at jokes. In this, they were very successful.

If you are looking to begin an organization on sound footing to alleviate world hunger or have a go at initiating world peace, don’t watch these movies.

But if you want to enjoy your childhood cartoon fantasies again, they are worth the watch.

For a cartoon lover of the Fantastic Four, these movies are Five Star Movies.

For me, they were a great escape on an afternoon from the heat. But only a FOUR STAR RATING.

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