by James Herriot

A Great Summer Read!

I read this book for the first time more than 30 years ago and the reread still causes me to chuckle almost every chapter.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ALL CREATURE Series, The main character is a young, inexperienced (yet very knowledgeable) first-year veterinarian apprenticed to a country-wise valley practitioner that specializes in all types of animal husbandry. If it had four legs, lives in England, and has the potential; of getting sick, you will find a humorous story in this series.

The colloquial dialogue is quaint and the characters are so real that you can imagine them in your own farming field. Some of them probably are there! (A few of them, you will not want!)

If you enjoy animals –they don’t all die! – And the real life experiences of a country veterinarian on-duty all hours of the day (and night)… This is a book you should not pass up!

The books each get FIVE STARS as a great read.

If you haven’t seen the television version (NetFlix) of this series…

It’s FIVE STARS as well!

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