Second Chances for Everyone

Alvin giggled as the charcoal gray Shih Tzu backed unto his hind legs and pawed the floor and yelpied every time Alvin went to pet him. “Mamma,” Alvin gleefully squealed. “He’s so cute. Why won’t he let me pet him?”

Mamma’s piercing blue eyes met the all-knowing eyes of the lead instructor. “He recognizes Alvin’s condition. Doesn’t he?”

“I believe so,” nodded the instructor.

Alvin suddenly tripped and fell to the ground. The puppy wasted no time running to his side and gave a resounding yelp.

“I think this is the one we want.” Relief washed over Mamma’s face.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I hope I was not too subtle with the clues. Many shelter dogs are being tested and trained to become Seizure-Alert dogs. How it is possible for a dog to notice the tendencies and traits- early detections of seizures- is unknown, but a dog that has the gift of seizure detection can breathe new life into that of a welcoming master and friend.

Written for  CARROT RANCH: June 10, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about an animal rescue. It can be a typical dog or cat rescue from the pound, or helping a critter less fortunate. Go where the prompt leads you.

5 thoughts on “Second Chances for Everyone

  1. This story touched my heart. I am a huge supporter of rescue dogs and training for early detection of medical issues! Wonderful read and you also got a great message out there 🙂

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