Runaway Jury: A Film Review



As implausible as the plot of “buying a jury” and therefore “buying a verdict” might have seemed in the late 1990s, I suspect one would find few that would not believe that this could occur in the 21st century. What a sad commentary on our society’s view of our legal system.

If you have not seen this legal thriller… It Is Worth the Viewing!

Or better yet… READ THE BOOK!

John Cusack and Rachel Weisz masterfully play the roles as the manipulators of a jury pool wanting to right the injustices of society. Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman portray the money-grubbing lawyers. Hackman, once again, is the evil genius behind assisting a greedy capitalistic monopoly to successfully defend themselves in court. Hoffman is a lawyer who is seeking to correct injustices, but getting paid very well in the process.

The premise of the story is even more pertinent today than when it was first written- because of the illicit sale of firearms, a crazed gunman tragically kills an entire floor of working class citizens to right his perceived wrong. The young widow of one of the murderer bring a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the gun manufacturers. It was their complacency in the marketing and the selling of firearms that caused this tragedy. They should have to pay.

The book is definitely worth the read. The movie- great entertainment for a hot summer afternoon.

This one- the book and the movie- would receive five of five stars!

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