Smell You Later


Smell You Later

Humans have very strong scent memory.

Tell us about a smell that transports you.

  • Apple-cinnamon candles burning while relaxed reading a great book
  • The cedars and pines of a great-room filled with Christmas decorations
  • Fresh-baked cookies on a winter afternoon
  • The brisk smell of a first snow as it bites at your nose
  • The wafts of ocean waters and coconut tanning oils at a summer beach
  • Mother’s brownies – still gooey – just as the pop out of the oven
  • The sprigs of lavender as the crush under your feet playing in the yard
  • An all-you-can-eat-banquet of scramble eggs with cheese and delicately crisped bacon
  • Freshly mowed hay – the initial spring cutting- as it dries in the summer heat awaiting the baler
  • The oils and gases and smoky-clouds of exhaust fumes while standing at the fences watching a motocross race
  • My puppy after a fresh shampoo and powdering
  • A morning cup of coffee
  • Buttered kettle-corn at a county fair (You don’t even have to eat it… just smell it as you walk through the exhibits!)
  • Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings
  • Your treasured car after an enthusiastic cleaning- leather upholstery
  • A campfire, at dusk, as your group of loved one encircle for a time of songs
  • A home-grown salad- picked form your own garden- with home-made French dressing
  • An immaculate Italian meal of spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread
  • Homemade chocolate-chip cookies – while they’re still warm!
  • The vinegary and tangy and tomato-y aromas one receives while assisting at 5am in the morning for a group meeting at the BBQ pit for barbecuing 800 chicken halves before 8am
  • The moist, smooth hands of the one I love after her day at the spa
  • Lying in your yard late into the evening watching the stars on a freshly cut lawn

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Smell You Later.”

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