It’s My Party


It’s My Party

You’re throwing a party — for you! Tell us all about the food, drink, events, and party favours you’ll have for your event of a lifetime. Use any theme you like — it’s *your* party!

My next party will be a celebration of the concluding of the school year.

Now that I am somewhere in the near sixties, parties do not mean the same kind of late night excitement that the word “party” could have formally envisioned.

A totally rad party now means:

  • A wonderful all-you-can-eat steak buffet.  (Supper would be around 5 pm)
  • A complex, yet heart-warming or soul-searching play or movie.  (A 7 pm showing would be greatly preferred!) (Live theater is preferred. I love to engage the actors and actresses, directors and set-designers)
  • The companionship of a friend or two.  (More than that and the ‘entertaining” is more work than pleasure)
  • Late night conversation. (Late night is now at 10 pm. By 12 pm, I am a rotted pumpkin!)  (Catching up on past endeavors and future plans)
  • Home and time with the pets for a much needed sleep.   (Life is very different from college!)

Yes, Let’s Party Tonight!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s My Party.”

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