Did I Miss a Clue?


Be a Writer Now: Day 5:

Writing Prompt: Write a poem about dating experiences.  Or write a story about a character who goes on a first date with someone s/he met over the Internet.  Nothing about this person matches up with what s/he said about himself/herself online.  What is going on?


Five foot six.

That’s a little shorter than me.

Played girl’s field hockey, in her day.

She talks cute. I like her stylish way of saying things.

Loves walks on the beach and sunsets.

I do too.

She has had the same job since her college days.

Wow! That’s a great work ethic. At least she won’t be after my money. Not that I have that much.

We planned to meet here at the Comic Convention at the Hotel Grande. I don’t like comic books, but it was most public place in town.

Safety is important to her. She not flighty. That’s good. I am tired of clueless….

It’s almost 3:00 pm. She said she would be sitting by the water fountains. A yellow jumper carrying and a cowboy hat placed beside her.

She’s from Texas. I thought that was cute. There she is!  

She turns and smiles. She’s got a beautiful smile.

In our contact information that we were over 25… I’m 27.  I think I should have asked a few more clarifying ……

“Hi. You must me Eugene. I’m Samantha. You can call me ‘Sam;. All my friends used to.”

What have I done?  

Written for Creative Writing Now: Be a Writer Now class


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