” A 211 … In Progress”


Be a Writer Now: Day 3

Writing Prompt: Write a part of a story or poem that includes all three of these elements: a lipstick print, jealousy, and something glimpsed in a mirror.


Clothes were strewn across the room. Every drawer was either hanging askew or dumped on the floor. The mattress was pulled from the bed. It was ripped corner to corner. Someone was looking for something. The questions were, “What was it? and “Did they find it?” There were even two holes knocked out of the plastered walls. This room had been given a though search.

Two glasses were setting on the dresser top. One still had the small markings of ruby lipstick on its brim.

“Williams,” my partner called. He had just lifted the mattress and bedclothes. “She’s no longer missing.”

She had been shot. Numerous times. One in each leg. Once in the shoulder. Then the final shot. Either they had given up questioning her, or they had gotten the information that they wanted.

What would cause something like this? This was torture. No mere jealous husband would go to this extreme.

“Mac, behind you!” I saw reflection of something moving behind us from the mirrors above the dresser.

Written for Creative Writing Now: Be a Writer Now class


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