The Interview

Interview your favorite fictional character.

If I had the chance to interview any fictional character from a book that I have treasured reading, I would like to interview Tom Sawyer.

Questions that I would love to ask Tom about his life as a boy;

  1. I know the story of the skipped school day and your fight that dirtied your good clothes. I am sure that this was probably not the only day you skipped school. Could you tell some more escapades of your school days?
  2. Aunt Polly loved you dearly. I think that she actually felt bad about you being “trapped” into her She was maybe even envious of the freedoms that you claimed so often. What do you feel about your Aunt Polly now that you are older?
  3. You gave up a life of ‘freedom” for you and Huck when you lied and virtually forced Huck back to his home. You knew what was best for him. Why did you fight what was best for you so often?
  4. Do you think that Becky Thatcher “refused to be yours” because of class warfare, or because you were a rebel who really was not good for her future?
  5. In the back marshes of the Mississippi, there had to be more “ghost events” encountered by you and Huck. Could you tell a few more of this adventures?

Questions that I would love to ask Tom about his life as a man:

  1. I envisioned you as the protector as your group of lads… even though they were often in the predicament that needed escape because of your escapades. Why did you choose the profession that you chose? (I see Tom as a commander of a business- the CEO… or maybe even a higher ranking officer in the military. He liked protecting people. He had a good-business head on his shoulders. He was a leader among his peers.)
  2. The Tom from the stories was an adventurer. What adventures did you have as a young man, before you settled down to pursue your present profession? (This is where the true Indian fighting would have caught up with Tom. The military would have given him the adventures he desired.)
  3. Now that you are responsible for others in your business place, and for family members…. How are you allowing your sons to experience the freedoms that you so often yearned for, without them having to sacrifice the education for the ‘real world’ that you sacrificed your freedoms to attain?
  4. Do you think that your wife was first attracted to you because you were a rascal? Or the attraction is because you are now using your talents as a leader in a more responsible way?
  5. If you could have given 12-year-old Tom some advice for his future life, what would you say to him? Have you told this to your boys?

Author’s Note: I admired Tom- still do- and there are many times that I still want his life!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Interview.”



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