Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic.


I had to look up to see what IMHO actually meant. I am too old school to have any idea about the meanings of these texting abbreviations.

In My Humble Opinion, I do not have any “humble opinions” about things in the news. I have theories and doctrines that I believe to be true in the world… the news just plays out these superfluous happenings- some more tragic than others- and I continue to trust.

However during my recent googling for historical facts , I was researching a topic for an A-Z Challenge assignment and I stumbled upon the Chinese calendar. I found out I was “a dog”.

Therefore, with my curiosity peaked, I explored further.

IMHO…. I am an EARTH DOG…. I guess?

According to the Chinese calendar and the recording of birthdays… I was born a DOG.

An Earth dog– to be more precise.

Facts: A Dog is the eleventh of the 12 zodiac animals of the Chinese zodiac.

  • The lucky numbers for a DOG are 3…4…9…
    • Surprisingly, these are the numbers which make up my mailing address?
  • The DOG’s lucky colors are red, green, and purple.
    • My favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves- majorly red! I bought only one ‘custom’ Atlanta Braves shirt… It was green? The local college I follow- Purple. The other favorite teams are purple? Coincidence?
  • The DOG’s unlucky colors are blue, white, and gold.
    • This one is a little off- My favorite college basketball teams are the Blue Devils- But since devils are usually RED… That might be a quirk?
  • Most of my clothes are these colors. (I have a few blues as well.)
  • The DOG’s flower- roses.
    • The flowers that I have mostly in the landscaping in the front of my house RED ROSES?


As an EARTH DOG, these are the facts that are supposed to be true about me:

  • I am loyal and honest, friendly and kind, cautious and prudent.
  • I will do just about anything for a friend.
  • Communication about myself is not necessarily a forte, so I might come across as stubborn.
  • I lead a quiet life with my family. I like to not give value to the evils of the world.
  • A DOG likes to help others, often at the expense of themselves.
  • When DOGS are confronted by evil they are aggressive.
  • DOGS are active in sports and are resilient to illnesses. DOGS are not driven by power or money.
  • DOGS choose careers of service.

Amazingly… I think that most of these “FACTS are relatively truth?

I don’t know if this is how Chinese zodiac works… but directly opposite of the DOG is the Dragon. Just for fun… I wanted to see if I was an opposite personality to that portrayed by a DRAGON.

  • A DRAGON’s lucky colors are gold, silver, and grey.
    • (I DISLIKE THESE COLORS. None of my clothing happens to be these colors.)
  • A DRAGON’s lucky numbers are 1…6…7…
    • (No relevance that I am aware of.)
  • The flower: a bleeding heart and two I don’t even know.
    • (None in my garden.)
  • The most powerful animal ofthezodiac- but it is imaginary.
    • I do not believe in living in the clouds!
  •  A DRAGON is hotheaded and sharp-tongued. They love challenges and rare not afraid of risk-taking. They seek world dominance.
    • I don’t think this is usually true about me?
  • A possible job for a DRAGON is a teacher.
    • (Although the DOG is more of a counselor.)
  • A DRAGON avoids the colors BLUE— My Blue Devils— and Green (possibly my favor color?)

IMHO …. I am a great deal more of a DOG and the opposite of a DRAGON.

My belief about the zodiac?  Interesting?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “IMHO.”


8 thoughts on “I AM AN EARTH DOG

      1. My stepkids rolled in the aisles when I admitted to my identity according to the Chinese Zodiac. I must look it up again as well. Ever since, at least, I’ve been able to blame my propensity towards ice cream, chocolate and potato chips on the Chinese!!!

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