She’s A Keeper

copyright- Joe Owens 2015n
copyright- Joe Owens 2015n

He’s a fixture at the diner… Uncle Elmer…right next to the entrance window.

Everyone knows him.

Accepts him.

(Except me. I find him embarrassing.)

His conversations never vary- same four sentences.

Nice car… See you’re from Texas…Nice weather for a trip… Have a nice day.

I hung my head when Amelia walked in. Why was she here? I told her I’d meet her at the car!

“Nice car… See you’re from around here…”

“HI, Uncle Elmer.”

“You know me?”

“I know Brad. I’m Amelia.”

“That’s a pretty name.

“Thanks. How are you today?

“Same. Looking at license plates.”

“Are all these yours?”

“Yep! All fifty states. Now collecting countries.”

“Do you see of those here?”

“No. But now I travel all over the world… on eBay.”

I casually interrupt, “Yea, Amelia. You’re a little early. I get off in fifteen more minutes.”

“That’s OK. Bring me a root beer float. I’ll sit with Uncle Elmer until you get off work. Do you want a float, Uncle?”

“Sounds good!” I was shocked… Uncle Elmer hates ice cream?


Just as I‘m leaving, Uncle Elmer waves me back, grabs my hand and whispers. “Be nice to her… This one’s a keeper!”

Written for Sunday’s Photo Fictioner: Requirements: Photo Prompt and 200 words.


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