“Do you want to walk outside, Dad?”

“Why bother?”

“You need the exercise.”

“I can get that walking the halls. Besides, more people to talk to here.”

“I know that. But wouldn’t you like the fresh wind in your face… see the mountains… hear the birds?”

“When blue jays aren’t blue, they’re just mean vicious bullies. Mountains without sunsets have little meaning.”

“Are all the colors gone, Dad?”

“The sky is still a nice shade of blue…. But who wants to see a brown sunrise? Oh, ignore me. I am blessed. My love for you will never turn brown.”

** Monochromacy can be an acquired eye malady of the aging. The cones in the eyes weaken and eventually the ability to see all colors except browns and shades of blues is vanquished.

Written for The Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenges: Requirements: 99 words written of the specified topic- a brown world.  “In 99 words (no more, no less) write about the day the earth turned brown. How did it happen? What else might be going on? It can be dramatic or even humorous. It can be the greater globe or a localized ccurance. It can be an aftermath or a revival. Follow where the prompt leads you.”


5 thoughts on “A WORLD OF “BROWN”

  1. This is a condition that could be depressing if you remember green. My father-in-law is colorblind and can’t see green. I wonder if he understands what he’s missing or if we give meaning to what we see regardless of color? Great flash and thank you fr teaching us abut the condition!

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