Food for the Soul



Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

My favorite meal? That is an easy one… as well as a more complex one.

There are several. (Since seven is the number symbolizing completeness- I’ll stop there.)

But I didn’t… I like to eat!  

Googling the Number 12: a full cycle of experience … the possibility of regeneration toward a higher consciousness.  

Found at .

Yeah, That could be me and food.


Sit Down Meals

  • Angel-Hair Spaghetti, Basil and Chopped Mushroom Enhanced Italian Sauce, and Polpettine Meatballs with Toasted Garlic Bread and a Fresh Peach Cobbler
  • A Porterhouse Steak (bistecca alla fiorentina) and Fries (or) Steak and Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Green Beans, Corn, and Cherry Pie… the country man in me!

Fast Food Meals

  • Taco Bell: Two Grilled Steak Soft Tacos with Sour Cream and a Nachos Bell Grande
  • Burger King: One DOUBLE WHOPPER® Sandwich: a pairing of two ¼ lb* savory flame-grilled beef patties topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. Served with a small side of piping hot, thick cut French Fries or golden Onion Rings and a small fountain drink of your choice to make it a meal.
  • Wendy’s: DAVE’S HOT ‘N JUICY™ 1/2 LB.* DOUBLE: a half pound of 100% real North American ground beef on warm, toasted buns… to be completed with fresh-cut toppings of tomatoes, lettuces, and cheeses. Seasoned with special catsup and mustard condiments.( Then add a side order of fries a soda and a Chilly!
  • Roman’s Pizza (Local Cuisine) One Large Sicilian Hand-Tossed with Secret Sauce, Fresh Green Peppers, Sliced Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, and Double Cheese (and of course, a Sicilian drink)

Breakfast Meals

  • Made-at-Home (or) Hardee’s: Biscuits and Gravy with Orange Juice
  • Made-at-Home (or) Golden Corral: Scrambled Eggs and Bacon with Toast, Columbian Coffee, and Grapefruit Juice

A School Pre-Packed Meal

  • A Salad: Three varieties of lettuce, three cheeses, chopped ham (or chicken or turkey), bacon pieces, tomatoes, thinly sliced cucumbers, grated carrots, boiled egg and French dressing! (If only lunch hour -30 minutes- could include a nap!)
  • Crackers and Deli Meat and Cheeses: Specialty crackers and Colby or Sharp Cheddar cheese (occasionally hot-peppered cheese) and then a chocolate dessert! Yum!

The Tried-and-True Summer Saturday Options

  • BBQ Chicken and Martin’ Chips: The best local BBQ chicken is from Fulk’s Run (a small collection of residences just the Virginia side of the West Virginia state line! Add a Mountain Dew (or two… or three … to that and I wouldn’t be worth anything for work for at least three hours!)
  • McDonald’s Breakfast: The pancake-syrup-muffin-egg-cheese-combo (Who in their right mind can try that down!)

PART TWO ……………

Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

Who cares! Let’s eat!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).”

2 thoughts on “Food for the Soul

  1. I could feel my arteries plugging up just reading this. For me, McDonald’s breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and bacon and cheese on a biscuit. They really do have the best biscuits. Luckily I live about an hour away from the nearest McDonald’s and it’s not worth facing Guadalajara traffic even for a biscuit!

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