I Walk the Line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

What code do I live life by… Actually, I have always been attracted to the ‘Code of the West’: A man’s word was his bond…. Hard work was the way for advancement… The teamwork of neighbors helping neighbors overcame nature’s fury.

But now, most of that code is looked down upon or even outlawed.

So, today… I think I have one main code: What is the purpose? This code is probably broken into three separate entities:

  • A spiritual facet- the Truths through which I choose to live life
  • A social facet – the people with whom I choose to adjoin my friendships
  • A personal facet – the principles upon which I choose to set and align my feet

The Spiritual Facet:

These would be the Truths from which I would choose to not back down.

Sometimes THE REAL TRUTH in one’s life is not what (the belief) you would die for… What one would die for is actually a one-and-done deal. I think the far harder TRUTH is the one from which you will choose to LIVE YOUR LIFE to achieve. This one (this Truth) is about the things you are willing to allow the putting aside of self: self-sacrifice over self-gratification and self-successes. This shows the real makings of the man– not the one-and-done deals.

The Social Facet:

These are the relationships that one has acquired in the world. Who are the people that you call “friends”? For this facet to be a facet for positive growth in your life, one has to have a real definition of friendship. Too many people have a totally mutilated and often harmful definitions of “friendship”. They have taken the politically correct view of ‘we are all equal and the same’ and then have allowed unworthy influences to infiltrate their lives. These infiltrations will cause havoc in one’s life! There is a major and important difference between “acquaintances”, “contacts”, “followers” , “Facebook whatever’s”, “associates”, “colleagues”, and “friends”.

RESPECT is owed to all of these categories of relationships. But there are only a few individuals one should deem worthy enough that one should qualify them …from any of these groups… to be one’s “friends”.

The Personal Facet:

This is where FRIENDS are residing. When you look at your “friends” you can see yourself. (Be sure you truly like what you see!) That friend possesses the things that you admire. That is why you spend time with them. That friend is sharpening you and changing you into the person who will soon become. (Just because you, personally, do not believe this statement does not make the statement false…)

The Personal Facet is where one’s TRUTH is walked out in the world. This is where one genuinely, and with great faithfulness, has to walk out one’s life. Here- in this facet of your world- one finds the things that makes life worth the effort. Here are where life’s rewards are found. Those untouchable, unfathomable successes in life. The ones that really count.

Some people try to live a life grounded in the spiritual realms. If one is living life in the spiritual… one has no real roots on the ground to cause change in the world.

Some people try to live a life grounded in the social realm. Living one’s life to address social statements just for the sake of social justice is worthless. There are way too many two-faced people in the world: this is what I will stand and proclaim into a camera as a ‘truth’ by which all men shall live in this world- just don’t look at how I live. (Movie stars and political hacks are great at living in this world… but check out where their feet live life! You will be crushed and separated from these people. They truly only care for the words they speak- their image. Not for change in their world. They work for only hypothetical change that does not have any bearings on their personal world— Just for change in your world.

FEW PEOPLE WORK FOR CHARGE IN THEIR WORLD: WHERE THEY HAVE PLANTED THEIR FEET. But here – in your own personal realm of influence- this is where your social justice is most valued. This is where you walk out inequalities. This is where hurts are healed and the imprisoned are freed. In your personal world… you can make a difference. Having a plan to walk out Truth in the world where one really sets one’s feet… Now that is a life worth living.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Walk the Line.”

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