A Dream Intruder?


“Rauff…Rauff… Rauff.”

“What is it Maxwell?” I roll over to place my hand on my sleeping Shih Tzu’s head.

“Rauff…Rauff.” Feet are pawing the back of my knees.

“Cut it out. Scoot back over off the blanket.”

“Rauuuuuu…” furiously shaking his head and suddenly there was a “Yelp!”

I cut on the bedside lamp and Maxwell is awakened and growling.

I softly chuckle. “Calm down, boy. It was just a bad dream.”

Crash… A window is breaking. Thump... The front door is slammed against the wall.

Instantly jumping into my arms, he continues his growling.

We begin to tremble together.

Written for Saturday’s Photo Prompt (A Late Entry). Requirements: The Photo Prompt and only 100 words.


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