Till Death Us Do Part


They were both eighteen… the first time.

He- eighteen and nine months. She- eighteen and three months.

A small ceremony.

The bride. The groom. Both their parents. Two friends. The judge.

They went to the judge because he was Mathew’s next-door-neighbor. Matthew had been mowing the judge’s estate since Matthew was eleven. The judge was like a second father to Matthew.

It was as if it had happened only yesterday.

Judge Bowyer’s was such a solemn, imposing figure- even standing in his backyard under the huge magnolia trees.

The “Do you take”… all the way to the “Till death do you part,” continued to resound as a holy mantra allowing them to breakthrough any crisis that life could offer.

Their “Magnolia Moment” had been such a meaningful moment that Matthew and Sarah chose to recreate it every seven years… under that same magnolia tree.

Two cycles ago, Matthew’s father and Sarah’s mother were absent.

The last renewal of vows, neither set of parents were in attendance.

This time, Matthew slowly pushed Jude Bowyers’ chair in its rightful position under the tree as Sarah walked slowly beside him. It was just the three of them.

The judge started to rise to begin the ceremony… as he had always done, but this time Matthew placed his hand on the judge’s shoulder.  “We have it,” He said.

“It seems as if it were only yesterday, Sarah, when I first gazed into your eyes under this magnificent magnolia tree… surrounded by all of our…”

Written for Sunday Photo Fictioneers. Requirements: Photo Prompt and approximately 200 words. (I went a tad over this week. 250 words.)


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