The Answer I Already Knew

“Did Dad see the end of the game before he was called away?” I asked the question, but in my heart I knew the answer. I had carefully scanned the bleachers every time the coach sat me out for a minute or two; I had not seen Dad the entire night.

“He wasn’t able to get away from work tonight.” Mom said.

I loved Mom. No sugar-coating of things. Mom never lied to me. I could depend on her.

“Coach is naming me MVP for the team,” I whispered. “Will Dad make the ceremony?”

I already knew the answer.

Written for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge: Requirements: 99 words and the topic “Write a story to reveal a characters symptoms. It can be something the character is oblivious to, or terrified about.”


7 thoughts on “The Answer I Already Knew

  1. What a sad story, Roger. The support, encouragement and approval of parents is something we all crave. Unfortunately the situation you have described is all to common for many. Well told.
    BTW I wondered if you are on Twitter. When I tweeted your post it was sent via – if you are on Twitter it may be better sent with your handle. Just a thought. 🙂


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